Watch Patriots vs Saints 2009 Live Stream Online|Monday Night Football of NFL Week 12

On this Monday Night football we will about to see a preview of the Super Bowl as the undefeated New Orleans Saints host the New England Patriots in NFL Week 12. With the perfect 10-0 record of Saints and a strong 7-3 record of Patriots, surely this game promises a lot of excitement and thrill as the Patriot try to destroy the perfect record of Saints.

Saints’ average offense per game is 36.9 while the Patriots have only 29 points per game. With this, expect a tremendous scoring from both of the teams that will make this game a very close one. But, some experts say that defense will determine the momentum of the game and then by that time offense will just follow. Will the undefeated Saints end this game without a scar on its perfect record? Or will the Patriots force the Saints to submit their first ever loss of the season? Free your self on this Monday night at exactly 8:30 PM ET November 30, 2009 to watch the Patriots vs saints live stream online in HD quality on your PC and enjoy the fun and excitement that Monday night football may bring.

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